2018 Week 1 Poll!

By E'Myah Bartee

Each year in camp we go around to the campers and ask them about some of their favorite things and this is voted by kids from LifeCamp in all different types of groups from red, yellow,green and blue.

This first poll was to see which activity campers loved the most. 

The top favorite is pool with 43 campers saying that they liked pool the best. In pool, we swim from 3 feet to 9 feet deep and there is no camper left behind. Even if you don’t know how to swim you will learn how to it doesn’t matter your age and even if you don’t know how to swim nobody will make fun of you the lifeguards and your friends will help you.

I think a lot of people voted the pool because when you are hot you go in the pool and rest with all your friends a lot of people smile when they are in the pool because of how much fun they are having. They also have lessons in the pool  to test out your skill. When you play in the pool with your friends you splash each other you can see who do handstands the longest. And flips and in the 9ft which I  like best when you jump in because its not crowded and your feet won’t hit the floor right away. DON’T WORRY IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG THE LIFE GUARDS ARE ALWAYS ON DUTY!!!!!!!! one more fun thing about the pool  you get to swim with your favorite counselors. This is why so many kids love the pol and picked it as there favorite camp activity.

P.E is the second favorite place at life camp with 26 votes of there favorite place in P.E two different color teams play against each other. In a really fun  game like kickball I think a lot of people like P.E because they love playing sports and they love winning losing because either which way everyone is smiling with seat down there face. A lot of people also like P.E because Mr.henry he is very nice and he try to give you a way to win the game like just saying run to the ball at kickball or kick straight or kick with your toe. Mr.henry always make sure everyone has a smile on their face no matter if they win or loose. And at the end of every game everyone even if you didn’t play shake hands and say good game. And if you win a game your  team will receive points for there hardworking and even if you didn’t win but you try hard and you were a good sport your team will still receive points. So either which way it’s a win for win.


I love all the specials so much but my favorite has to be computers or pool and P.E because computers you get to work with technology and learn new things and Bryan is so nice and makes sure you work as hard as you can. I like pool because on a hot day I get in and then I feel so warm even when I was younger and couldn’t swim I was never scared because the life guards were always on duty. One more favorite Is  P.E because Mr.henry is so nice to everyone and I love to play sports. In conclusion, life camp is so fun and would not know what to do with out all of the fun specials.