2018 Week 2 Poll!

By E'Myah Bartee

What’s your favorite holiday? I’m E’Myah Bartee and I wanted to see what the favorite holiday is at LifeCamp. 

So I asked 140 campers what this question and most said Christmas with 75 votes. When I asked campers why they picked Christmas most said because you can get gifts from your family and friends and you can give your family and friends gifts, which is very fun because there family and friends like their reaction when they get gifts and they like their reaction of their family and friends . 

Halloween was in 2nd place with 28 votes. When I asked campers why they picked that, they said because they get a lot of candy. And that’s how they socialize with their neighbor on a holiday they love when they can say trick or treat to their neighbors because its fun and their reaction is with a smile. Also they said that they love when people knock on their doors and ask them trick or treat. Most said there favorite part about giving way the candy is picking out which candy they should give out when they go to the store.

Then it’s Thanksgiving with 13 votes. Thanksgiving is fun because you get to eat turkey, mashed potatoes and mac & cheese which is good because then you can hang out with family and talk and play games. That’s what I do on Thanksgiving and that’s what I asked the kids and they said they eat good food that their family makes. 

Birthdays finished fourth with 23 votes. Most people picked birthdays because they said that they have parties with family and friends. They go out somewhere and then they just hang out for the whole entire day to celebrate their day of getting one year older.

 4th of July came in 5th 2 votes. I don’t know why this got the least amount of votes because 4th of July is fun. You get  to watch fireworks and play all day with family and friends I didn’t think that 4th of July was going to beat Christmas but I did think it was going to  have more votes than 2.

What’s your favorite holiday? I don’t have a favorite holiday because I think all holidays are fun just because you get to hang out with your family and friends either which way and to me that is what makes a holiday fun.