4th of July Activities

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Nah’Shon Group 8 I went to a cook out with a pool with my sister and my mother. I was going under water. And my mother brought pasta salad and lazanya. And the food was great. Including my mother,s pasta salad. It was great.

Justin Group 6

On 4th of July I was hanging out with my friends and then I saw the fireworks. and I was playing all day long.

Jacob Group 8

For the 4th of July, me, my family, my best friend and my brother’s best friend came over and we had a BBQ and went swimming.Then me and my friends went to see the fireworks. They were a lot of fun and really loud.  

Rebecca Malcolm

On the 4th of July, I went to see fireworks by my house. After that, I went to eat at Applebees, my dad and mom had some red wine. Me and my sister Jada had some tasty lemonade. After that we enjoyed our sweet time at Sky Zone it was fun jumping and playing around with everything that was there, but sadly we did not have the opportunity to play dodgeball. After that we went to see the movie, The Secret Life of Pets 2 in which we sat outside while watching, we saw even more fireworks. Then, we went home and put hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill with our red, white, and blue lanterns hanging up. Lastly, we took it down and went to bed.

Image result for clipart fireworks
Image result for clipart fireworks