A Boy and Diamond Jones

By Makayla Jennings

Once there was a boy who was poor who always begged for money.

He begged so much all day and every day that eventually nobody cared to help him anymore. He would walk up and down the street for money, until one day a little four year-old-girl came and gave him twenty bucks.

The boy smiled.

The next day the girl came she stood there and said my name is Tereasa and this time she gave him a present. It was one hundred dollars.

He was shocked. A year later she was 10. She moved and the boy was sad. Before she left she gave him a note it said “you’re the best friend I ever had. Here’s your present it was 100 thousand dollars. Love, Diamond Jones. “Diamond Jones?! That is the rich, famous actress!” said the boy.

 The End.