Born To Run in 2019

By Andrea Padilla
On Friday, Marvin Thomas finished first in the the mile run at LifeCamp. The course for the race went across camp and they said the one with the lowest time wins the race.
Marvin was in first place in the cross country race and he said “It's good to win.” His time was 8:07 and he said he practices running times a week.
He said he his best time is just over six minutes. He said it feels good to be in 1st place this time and he was enjoying that race because he got 1st place.
He was happy when he won because he did it for fun and when you do it for fun everybody wins. Ciran won 2nd place in the cross country race and he was glad.
Kyandrew came in 3rd place in the cross country race and Kamar came in 4th place in the race and he enjoyed himself. In my opinion, everybody that did the race is a winner.
Race Times
1st place: Marvin - 8:06
2nd place: Ciaran - 8:10
3rd place: Kyandrew - 8:46
4th place: Kamar