Just Roll With It

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By Mikayla Richardson, Group 22

Disney Channel has come out with a new show titled “Just Roll with It”. This sitcom lets the audience control the story line, as the show is being videotaped. At multiple different moments of the episode, the show stops.

The actors go backstage, in order for the audience to vote for what happens next in the episode. After the actors return, they must improvise their reactions to the audience’s choices. The actors must make their lines as they go along.

The stars of the show are Ramon Reed, Suzi Barrett, Tobie Windham and Kaylin Hayman. This show came to Disney Channel on June 14, 2019 and is currently in its first season. The next episode is on July 24. The first episode combined for 650,000 viewers. 

Yesterday I was supposed to take the garbage out and instead I decided to watch one of the episodes again for the second time. I like the characters. The way their personality is built into the show is a lot of fun. Kaylin’s character Blair Bennett is my favorite character. She’s really funny and she’s bad. 

Ramon’s character Owen Blatt is the type of kid that’s good but then Blair impacts him a lot because her bad influences impact him and he does things she wants him to do and it gets him in trouble. It’s so funny. 

I watch the show with my baby sister and she’s about to be four years old. Yesterday I was watching it with my grandma too. She really enjoyed it too and my little sister was rolling around laughing.

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