LifeCamp Poll 1, 2019

By Mikayla Richardson

I went around camp to some of the campers and asked them

what is your favorite camp activity”, most people said aquatics (pool).
Some campers enjoy many different things. Throughout the first week, we enjoy a series of activities and the most exciting was pool.
The kids get to make new friends, try new things, and learn new things. When they leave they will be a pro at swimming and riding a bike. My favorite camp activity is aquatics and step/drama. I get to try new things and find out what I like that I didn’t know about before.
Of the 20 campers I asked, 12 said they like the Pool the most. In second place were Dance and Bikes with two votes each.
The other activities that got votes were Phys. Ed., Recording Studio, Reading and STEP. They all got one vote each.