LifeCamp Poll 2 - 2019

By Chase Paris-Somo

So….everybody loves sneakers and I thought why not ask them what they’re favorite sneaker brand is. I went around the camp asking campers and counselors and the results are shown in the graph below.

In the graph you can see that Nike is in the lead. To be honest I thought that Jordan was gonna win but I guess I was wrong. Never underestimate Nike!! Some people said that Nike is like mixed with Jordan but still picked it. 

After Nike is Jordan. Jordan came second with 15 votes. People said the reason why they picked Jordan was because they like their sneakers and mostly when Jordan comes out with sneakers, they also make clothing to match with the sneakers. Another person said that they like Jordan sneakers because they are stylish and colorful and that’s what people look for in sneakers.

Last but not least in top 3 is Vans. Vans are kinda like the same but they come in different shapes and sizes. People said that they are comfortable and easy to do activites in. Original Vans come in hightop and lowtop and is still as comfortable.

In my opinion, my favorite pair of sneakers in my collection are the red Jordan 11’s.They are very comfortable and they look nice in some outfits. I can’t even count how many pairs of sneakers I have.