Our Favorite Activities

By LifeCamp campers
At LifeCamp we participate in different fun activities that give us time to accomplish things with your friends when socializing. At LifeCamp you get dropped off by your parents and then you get driven on a bus to camp. 

After you get dropped off, you're get greeted by Mr. Franz and you then head to breakfast. When breakfast is over, we all head into the circle and announcements and we do the pledge of allegiance. After that, we head to our activities such as pool where you can take the 4-5 and 9 feet test but must pass the 4-5 feet first. 

You take lessons and after that, we have free swim. There is also PE, which involves the Olympics where you go against your friends through many different sports such as kickball, flag football, soccer and we also have cross-country, where you test speed and agility with a mile. In Project USE, we test each other's trust and help get people through obstacles. In the middle of these activities, you go to lunch and then after that continue with your activities. Therefore LifeCamp is not about winning but having fun and making friends.

You should come to LifeCamp because it is fun and you can make new friends and they are cool. I like camp and you should too because you do different activities and it is the best because you learn new things and experience different things. The subjects that you do here is swimming bikes p.e. which means sports and project use and other different things. I like this because you get to go to a place where you never been but it is a secret places where a lot of people don’t know. This is fun because we do different things and experience more.


Swimming is fun. It gives you a chance to cool off and have fun in the water with your friends. Also, if you don’t swim, they can teach you, if you want. You can do all kinds of tricks, like floating, hand stands and back flips. Sometimes they give free goggles and swimming caps if you don’t have it.  Swimming at LifeCamp is amazing. You would love it.
SWIMMING IS FUN. You get to chill out with your friends and cool off from the hot, scorching sun.  There are so many things you can do. Like hand stands, back flips, floating.  You well have an amazing time with your friends and consolers. Enjoy the pool at LIFE CAMP. 


Reading is very interesting. I read many times a day. You should read because it helps you become a smarter individual. Each day I read I learn something new which has helped me in my life today or may even help me in the future. Books are separated based on genres like fiction and non-fiction. 


At Life Camp you will learn different things and participate in different activities for an example there is games. Games are when you participate in new activities. I really like games because you learn new things that you have never seen before, most people think that it is all about winning but people should also know that it is also about having fun. For example, a game that I love to play with my friends is Headbands. Headbands is a game that the person with the card on their head has to guess what they are, it is really fun to me because we get to laugh and have fun… and that’s why you should come to Life Camp. 


Life Camp is the best place to have fun at like in P.E.. P.E is like gym at school. I know you don’t like school, but we do kickball, baseball, flag football, and soccer. My group color is red so we go up against the blue group. So far every game we played we beat the group. But is it not all about winning. You're supposed to have fun at camp. So I hope one of you guys can join the red group and have fun.


So you might be wondering what is drama all about. Drama is where you express yourself and your creativity by making movies. When you make movies you are able to show your personality in ways you wouldn’t normally do when you are just talking to people. During drama you are able to give yourself accents and talk differently to give the story emphasis. When we are done our movies and being recorded, we put our movies on a disc and hand it out to the camp on the last day so that everybody can see our creativity. Drama is all about having fun and you will enjoy when you go to the drama portion of life camp.


Biking at camp is cool. We get to go on long trails and hills. Sometimes we’re on bumpy roads too. You get to ride with friends and have fun. It’s a bit tricky when you ride on the roads with a whole bunch of ROCKS on it. It’s really fun and we can all learn how to do it. Bike riding is really fun and cool. If you don’t know how to ride a bike, then the people at camp will help you so you can have great experience. Biking at LifeCamp is fun because you can learn more outside of staying home.