Time to Stop Bullying!

The Girl Who Got Bullied
By Andrea Padilla, Group 8

 Hi! There is this new girl in her school and she always used to be bullied. She had friends, but they used to bully her. She thought they were her friends, instead she was wrong. They said they couldn’t have her in the group anymore because she changed. “Hey why are you crying,“ said a girl.

She felt sad and was still crying and she felt sad how they used to bully her. She never thought she would get bullied and she thought it would be just like her old school, but it wasn’t. Bullying isn’t good for anybody and people they feel sad when they get bullied. This lady’s 11-year-old son was in a no-bullying zone. She said “No bullying!!! No more! This is a serious no bullying zone!!!!”

Some kids feel bad when they feel it other thing that people feel sad and the other reason bullying is not right is because they felt people should be bullied anyway because people don’t like bullying. This is a NO BULLYING ZONE!!! And nobody likes it but she did want to stay at her school, but her mom got a job in California and she never liked California. She is so different.

It was the book fair one day and she got a wonder book to see how people bullied another boy. She said “I feel the same way as him. I feel the same way he feels.” She stills say she likes the way she is because she is different from anybody. She says “I am so sorry for what happened to you guys.” She looked in the mirror and said “I like the way I am.” She said “wow” and took of her glasses. She had a curler in her book bag.

She walked out with her dress and a nice purse. Everyone was so mad. Even the bullies said sorry and she didn’t accept their apology. Next year they all became friends. And they were so mad and sad. “We want to look like you Isabella.” Isabella said "sure."