Why I Love LifeCamp

Life Camp is a camp that is great. I have only been here for two weeks and have seen a lot so far.

The counselors actually care about you and other kids in your group. The specialists at least try to push you. Like George for example, I didn’t like bike riding and I found it tiring and to be quite honest tedious.

We went on the same trail everyday, but then George and Will pushed me for about two almost three days straight until I did the whole loop on the bike trail. I made it all the way through.

I still had a few hiccups, but I still made it through. There are some things I can work on too, even as a individual. In LifeCamp there are people you can make friends with and have fun with. The different activities they offer help with that. They even have a recording studio that you can make songs with.

In the recording studio, there are laughs and serious times. With so many different things to do here, it can be a lot of fun. They have rules and precautions to make sure every kid is safe.

Life Camp is a place that helps show your full capacity in a talent or they will help you find one. In Step/Drama, they helped me by using my voice in a step routine. In recording studio my voice was incorporated a lot in the song.

Mixed with many other kids. I also love the time and periods they give us. If our regular period is not what we may be doing at the moment, then we have a choice to do something else.