Why Steph Curry is No. 1

By Malik Donaldson-Salaam
Stephen Curry is the best player in the NBA. He was drafted in 2007 and he score 43.7 ppg also in total he scored 102.9 in total he shoots quick and releases it quick he has great dribbling skills and he shoots threes and also goes to the basket to make lay ups he can break anyone that gets in his way he only need a little space then he can shoot also the reason why Steph Curry is the best and Kyrie Irving is not because Kyrie has the handles but he cant shoot from far range like Stephen curry. Curry has a least 4 buzzer beaters also he has a lot of MVP because of his great work and athletic personality he also broke all star player W istel broke in the all star games. All of Curry's family said he couldn’t make it, his coach and his fellow friends he was small and short and he was not strong and boney he but in high school he trained with his brother and then he tough him self to shoot over his head he did push ups to word on his strength and ran to get his endurance up in high school he scored over 30 points and then the NBA saw him and seen a talent then he blowed the officials away y his skill in taking the ball to the basket and then shooting .Curry has a sister named Sydel Curry and Seth curry and his parents . This season was up and down the Warriors beat three times in a row but in the end they lost to the R Raptors but his OREB was a 95.7% that means he was most likely to score threes and a 56.9% to score twos and free throws whats amazing was he had only 38 mins and 4 sec of playing time and he manages to score 24 points that is beyond skilled and then he beat all star player Kyrie Irving in point he scored 205 points in just one season it took Kyrie 3 season to make that score and this is why Stephen Curry is the best player ever